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Research and reports
Issue date
21 Jan 2017

TUC Directory 2017

This is the popular yearbook of facts, stats, links and useful information about Britain’s largest voluntary organisation. Each of the TUC’s 50 member unions is described in detail, with full contact information, using data supplied by the affiliates themselves.

At the back is a diary of key union events throughout the year.

TUC Directory 2016 cover

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Digital versions

There are two free digital versions of the Directory: a fixed layout pdf, and a reflowable ePub with bookmarked contents and the facility to enlarge the text size. Both are searchable and have live links.

To use the full functionality of the ePub on Apple products we recommend you copy it into iBooks. For PCs use Readium (a free Chrome app). For Android upload the file into Google PlayBooks.

We would be interested in your feedback on the e-Pub version; please send comments to [email protected]