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The TUC's Northern region staff represent the TUC by supporting TUC campaigns and objectives and seeking the views of trade unions in the region. Here you can find out more about us, our work and our campaigns.

Fair Pay Fortnight, 16 Feb - 1 March

Fair Pay Fortnight, 16 Feb - 1 March 2015

From 16 February to 1 March 2015 the TUC is running Fair Pay Fortnight, a series of events across the country that will raise awareness about Britain’s cost of living crisis.

Working people in the UK are seeing their living standards squeezed harder and harder every year. The cost of energy, food and housing is soaring but wages aren’t keeping up.

That’s why we’re running Fair Pay Fortnight and that’s why Britain needs a pay rise. Find out what is happening in your area and join the campaign for fair pay and decent jobs.

Northern TUC Regional Campaign Plan 2013-2015

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The Northern TUC enjoys the benefit of well organised, cohesive, broad and deep engagement from a wide range of trade unions in the north east and Cumbria.

The Regional Campaign Plan seeks to support workers in struggle and to enable trade unions to continue to be a progressive force for good, making real and positive difference to working people in the region.

Number of black and Asian workers in low-paid jobs up by 13 per cent since 2011, New TUC report reveals. The number of black and Asian workers in low-paid jobs increased by 12.7 per cent between 2011 and 2014, according to a new report published last Friday to mark the...
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