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Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow through their work. And when working people get the chance to learn and develop their skills, everyone wins.

There are lots of different ways that you can get education or training through work, including apprenticeships, internships, in-work training and higher learning at work.

Many working people find that extra training or further education makes them happier and more effective at work. And most employers recognise that a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce is good for their business.

This section offers basic information on your rights to training at work, and the kinds of opportunities that exist.

Helping working people to access education and training has always been a priority for trade unions, and being a union member opens up many training and development opportunities.

If you’re not already a trade union member, our Union Finder tool can help you find the best one for you.

What kind of training is available at work?
Even the least skilled job requires a certain degree of training, but good employers will go beyond the basics and offer ample opportunities for their staff to develop.
How do I find out about training options within my organisation?
Ask your colleagues, manager or HR department what training options are available for you. If the employer offers nothing itself, then find out about suitable courses that you can take externally and ask if your organisation will give you the time and funding necessary to participate.
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