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The South West TUC is one of 6 regional offices of the TUC. More than 1 in 5 (22.2%) workers in the South West are a member of a trade union. We represent their voices by working closely with trade unions to ensure we improve workers’ rights and promote decent jobs in the South West.

SWTUC also supports and furthers the TUC’s objectives and campaigns on a regional level, partnering with regional trade unions, their members, and relevant stakeholders to achieve these goals.

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The SWTUC also organises a programme of accredited TUC courses for trade union representatives, both in class and on-line to ensure our reps are well-prepared for their roles. This is coordinated by our regional education officer. For more course information, visit TUC Education.

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As temperatures are set to hit over 30 degrees Celsius in parts of the UK this week the South West TUC is calling on employers to temporarily relax workplace dress codes to help staff cope. Health and Safety laws should also be amended to introduce a safe maximum workplace temperature.
20 June 2017
Bristol workers are £1,750 per year worse off in real terms than they were before the financial crash, according to new South West TUC analysis published today (Friday). The analysis shows that real wages in the city are 6.8% lower, on average, than they were in 2008. The South West...
02 June 2017
Workers in the South West are £1,500 a year worse...
02 June 2017
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01 May 2017
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06 February 2017
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17 November 2016