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The TUC's regional staff represent the TUC by supporting TUC campaigns and objectives and seeking the views of trade unions in the regions.

TUC regional education officers organise a programme of accredited courses for trade union representatives, for more course information visit South West TUC Education.

Trade Unions are helping their members make the most of learning opportunities. Unionlearn is at the forefront of union-led advice and guidance for reps and members. If you would like to find out more visit Unionlearn in the South West

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Speak out against the Government's Trade Union Bill

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Support the campaign against the Government's trade union bill, that will see the introduction of ballot thresholds which threaten the basic right to strike, breaking of strikes by making the use of agency workers legal and restrictions on social media usage amongst many more changes.​ ​Get involved

Government ignores the case against Union Bill...pay the real Living Wage...regional news, campaigns and events update...
19 November 2015
Trade unionists from across the South West are tomorrow [Monday] travelling to Parliament to ask their MPs to vote against the controversial Trade Union Bill....
01 November 2015
Lobby to protect the right to strike...news, events and campaign...
23 October 2015
People are being urged to vote for the Martyrs’ Tree...
24 September 2015
Protect the right to strike....Congress gathers...news and events in the...
14 September 2015
Protect the right to strike...National rally, Manchester 4 October...South West...
19 August 2015