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The TUC's regional staff represent the TUC by supporting TUC campaigns and objectives and seeking the views of trade unions in the regions.

TUC regional education officers organise a programme of accredited courses for trade union representatives, for more course information visit TUC Education.

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The TUC's Heartunions week highlights the positive contribution made by union reps and members in workplaces and communities throughout the region. South West TUC Regional Secretary Nigel Costley said: "There are half a million trade union members in the South West, reps helping working people very day. In workplaces all...
06 February 2017
A snapshot of the regional economy following the vote to leave the European Union
17 November 2016
Unions in the South West are warning the region's employers...
17 November 2016
e-newsletter of the South West TUC ( PDF version )...
28 October 2016
Unions in the South West have warned there will be...
20 June 2016
The South West TUC is calling on employers to allow...
15 June 2016