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As part of our campaign against the Government's trade union bill, that will see the introduction of ballot thresholds which threaten the basic right to strike, breaking of strikes by making the use of agency workers legal and restrictions on social media usage amongst many more changes, we will be hosting a series of public meetings. Find your nearest one here.  

About North West TUC

The North West TUC represents nearly one million working people. We work closely with our affiliated unions to make sure the voice of North West workers is heard in the workplace, in our communities and in wider society.

Our annual workplan is determined by our Executive Committee made up of representatives of affiliated unions, drawing on policies debated at our Annual Conference held each year in the Spring.


The issue of immigration is never far from the headlines, commentary is often misleading, dangerously simplistic and feeds into a worrying narrative of anti-immigration sentiment. Our Education Workers have noticed this trend in their workshops and are increasingly hearing racist ideas and attitudes expressed towards migrant communities. Our response was...
24 November 2015
Workers from across the UK will join together from 12noon on Sunday 4 October for a national march and public rally in Manchester against the government’s austerity programme and the Trade Union Bill.
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