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The North West TUC represents nearly one million working people. We work closely with our affiliated unions to make sure the voice of North West workers is heard in the workplace, in our communities and in wider society.

Our annual workplan is determined by our Executive Committee made up of representatives of affiliated unions, drawing on policies debated at our Annual Conference held each year in the Spring.

Fair Pay Fortnight, 16 Feb - 1 March

Fair Pay Fortnight, 16 Feb - 1 March 2015

From 16 February to 1 March 2015 the TUC is running Fair Pay Fortnight, a series of events across the country that will raise awareness about Britain’s cost of living crisis.

Working people in the UK are seeing their living standards squeezed harder and harder every year. The cost of energy, food and housing is soaring but wages aren’t keeping up.

That’s why we’re running Fair Pay Fortnight and that’s why Britain needs a pay rise. Find out what is happening in your area and join the campaign for fair pay and decent jobs.

Workers in the North West did over £2.7bn worth of unpaid overtime last year, according to new analysis published by the TUC today (Friday) to mark its annual Work Your Proper Hours Day . The TUC’s analysis of official figures shows that 482,000 workers in the region did unpaid overtime...
27 February 2015
Theresa Griffin, North West MEP, today pledged her support to our #FairPayFortnight campaign and called for workers in Britain to get a pay rise. This comes following the announcement that workers here in the North West were £2,461 worse off following real terms falls in wages. Commenting on this, Theresa...
17 February 2015
Average full-time pay in the North West fell by £2,461...
16 February 2015
The future of local authority services in the North West...
16 January 2015
The North West TUC has called for improvements in the...
05 January 2015
The North West TUC and Frank Field MP have today...
03 November 2014