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This site has been built using code compliant with W3C standards for XHTML and CSS. The site displays correctly in current browsers and using standards compliant XHTML/CSS code means any future browsers will also display it correctly.

We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

This website endeavours to conform to level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium W3CWAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

The TUC provides a high contrast style of the site for those with low vision or other visual disabilities. This high contrast mode can be toggled by pressing TAB on the keyboard to the second element on every page which will display a 'Toggle High Contrast' button at the top of the page. After hitting ENTER the site styling will change. To reverse this, repeat the same action.

Content delivery

We provide some of our content in alternative formats:

  • Print (see Publications to order print copies)
  • Full documents in Adobe pdf format
  • User definable email alerts in text and HTML formats (Email alerts)

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Copyright material presented on the TUC site is owned by the TUC, unless otherwise stated. Visitors are permitted to print and download extracts for their own personal or union use, provided the source and TUC’s copyright is acknowledged.

No one shall, without prior consent of the TUC transmit, reproduce or store any of the material from the TUC site in any other web site or incorporate or reproduce any material in any database whether electronic, manual or printed from. Requests for consent should be submitted to

Content disclaimer

We do our best to make sure information on this site is accurate and up to date, but we cannot take any responsibility for any loss arising out of use of the information on this site. In particular our advice on employment law can only provide a general overview. You should not rely on it applying in your own circumstances and should always take further advice.

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See more information about this site.

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