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About this resource

As a union rep you will already be working hard to improve the working conditions of your colleagues. But have you ever stopped to think about those workers who supply your organisation with goods and services? Do they have the same rights as you?

Who is the interactive guide for?

This guide is for trade union reps and members who want to improve conditions for workers involved in their supply chain who are outside their regular place of work.

How will it help me?

This guide will:

  • explain what a supply chain is
  • detail the Ethical Trading Initiative base code
  • tell you what this has to do with you and how you can make a difference.

How do I complete it?

All you need is an internet-enabled mobile device (a phone or tablet) or a computer. Do as little or as much as you like each time you log on — your progress will always be saved. Next time you log on just pick up where you left off, this one will take you about 20 minutes to complete. 

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