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About this resource

This course is designed for union learning reps that have already completed the TUC Union Learning Reps 1 course. The course is designed to help ULRs take stock of their experience so far and to develop knowledge and skills to extend their role.

Who is this interactive course for?

This course is for ULRs who have already completed the stage 1 course.

How will this help me?

This course will help you:

  • take stock of your development as a ULR and identify aspects for further work
  • look at how your role links with the wider union and norganising strategies in particular
  • explore and develop an equalities approach to working on learning, particularly in supporting learners
  • build knowledge and skills on specific aspects of learning of interest to ULRs in the context of your union and workplace.
How do I complete it?

All you need is an internet-enabled mobile device (a phone or tablet) or a computer. Do as little or as much as you like each time you log on — your progress will always be saved. Next time you log on just pick up where you left off, this one will take you about 8 hours to complete.

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