Men and women deserve respect and equal treatment at work. And the right not to be discriminated against because of their gender. Too many working women still face discrimination or harassment at work and still struggle to get equal pay.

As a union rep, you can promote fairness in the workplace and try to ensure that every worker receives fair treatment irrespective of gender. You have a pivotal role in supporting women facing discrimination and unfair treatment.

Union reps can help bargain for fair pay, decent work, negotiate for gender specific protective clothing and better workplace policies on the menopause and many more issues. 


TUC Women and the Cuts toolkit - How to carry out a human rights and equality impact assessment of the spending cuts on women

Gender in occupational safety and health - A TUC guide for trade union activists

Gender checklist on occupational safety and health

eNote - Domestic Violence (Interactive guide for union reps)

TUC Guide to Equality Law 2011

Interactive guide on pregnancy and maternity discrimination  (You will be required to register to acces this resource)