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People come in all shapes and when it comes to health and safety the “one size fits all” approach just does not apply. Nowhere is that clearer than when we are looking at gender.

Considering gender in health and safety is a very real and important issue in every workplace.

The TUC gender checklist provides a prompt to encourage union representatives to pursue issues around gender in the workplace and bring together equalities work and health and safety work. By ensuring that employers take action on the issues, you can make a real difference to the health, safety and welfare of women.

There are other union techniques that will help, such as body-mapping, surveys and risk-mapping. These are successful tools that many unions have used to help address gender issues in health and safety and you can get more information on these on the TUC and Hazards Magazine websites. You should also check with your own union to get any guidance on gender issues and health and safety that they have produced.

This checklist is not intended to be a comprehensive list of specific issues relating to gender, but instead some suggestions of what union health and safety representatives should look at to make sure that the relevant issues in the workplace are identified and addressed in a gender sensitive way.

It should be used in combination with the guidance that is found in the TUC booklet Gender in occupational safety and health (PDF).

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