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A recent report from Education and Employers (Drawing the Future, 2018) found that children’s career aspirations have little in common with the needs of employers. The report also revealed that children’s career aspirations are influenced by people they know. Less than 1% of school age children have interacted with people from the world of work visiting their schools. The report also highlighted the issue of gender stereotyping which starts from a very young age and tends to lead to gendered career aspirations.

Maths and Science were among the top five favourite subjects in a recent poll of 8-15-year-old girls. Yet by the time they reach GCSE and A-level, the numbers of girls studying maths and science drops significantly. Only eight per cent of STEM apprentices are girls, with girls representing only three per cent of engineering apprentices and less than one per cent of automotive industry apprentices.

That’s why the TUC Women’s Committee has produced a short film with TUC Education aimed at schoolchildren and young learners which promotes positive images of young men and women in non-traditional jobs as well as a strong message about the value of unions. The film has been created with a view to opening up conversations with young people in the classroom about career choices and stereotypes.

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