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AI guides for union officers and reps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we work and, alongside boosting productivity, offers an opportunity to improve working lives.

New technologies also pose risks: more inequality and discrimination, unsafe working conditions, and unhealthy blurring of the boundaries between home and work. Take a look at our workplace guides for union officers and reps.

When AI is the boss

There are many different options open to unions when it comes to dealing with the problems caused by AI. 

This guide for reps sets outs how AI systems work, what the implications are for workers and unions, and some of the solutions unions can provide.

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People powered technology

The guide is designed to signpost union reps and others on how to gain a basic understanding of the technology how it operates, and why it matters – before starting any negotiating. 

Develop understanding of digital management systems and the implications for workers, as well as get ready to negotiate with an employer about the use of digital management systems. 

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Managed by Artificial Intelligence

This interactive guide is for union reps and members who want to know about the impact that artificial intelligence is having in the workplace and who would like to support unions in negotiating agreements on this issue.

Introducing you to the digital systems being used to manage workers, harms and benefits of AI and how to prepare you in negotiating agreements in your workplace.

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