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The union for senior public sector managers and professionals.

The FDA is the only union that focuses exclusively on issues that affect managers and professionals in public service. We act as a powerful voice for public services and the people who deliver them.

Our influential membership of more than 18,000 managers, policy advisors, diplomats, tax professionals, economists, solicitors, prosecutors and other professionals work across Government and the NHS, from HEO grade and above.

Our newest section, Keystone, is exclusively aimed at supporting and developing HEOs, SEOs and their equivalent. We defend the reputations of our members, who are not permitted to defend themselves publicly, by acting as their voice in the media, with Ministers and the HR profession.

A powerful voice for senior public sector managers and professionals.

  • We help with workplace issues, offering representation and legal advice. 
  • We offer learning opportunities to progress your career. 
  • Our members work in the Civil Service, NHS, museums, galleries and more. 
  • Membership costs from £3.99 to £33.75 a month.
Main Trades
Entertainment and the arts
Museums and art galleries
Government and public services
Civil service
Public services - other
Male 8,507 | Female 10,395 | Other 246 | Total 19,148
Employers represented include:

HMRC, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Crown Prosecution Service, Department for Work and Pensions, Scottish Government, Government Legal Department, Welsh Government, culture including libraries and museums and more.

General secretary
Dave Penman
Cost of membership

FDA subscription rates are determined by salary, starting at £6.50 per month for those earning up to £15,500 annually.
Fast Streamers receive their first six months of membership for free.
HEO and SEO members in our Keystone section pay a flat monthly rate of £16.50 per month for those who work more than 24 hours per week on average, and £8.00 per month for those who work 24 hours or less each week.

Membership benefits

As a public sector union, we strive to improve members' terms and conditions, workplaces, skills and working lives.|

We believe in engaging with employers - not working against them - and think solutions are best reached through dialogue and clear consideration of the issues rather than tactical posturing. We also help members develop their professionalism and skills with our programmes to help members further their careers, which match the Civil Service Success Profiles.

We also provide member services via FDA Portfolio, offering financial and legal help along with money-saving discounts.


Centenary House

93-95 Borough High Street



020 7401 5555
020 7401 5550
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