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Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. No-one should be injured or made ill because of their work and employers and government should aim to ensure that work is a positive experience that keeps us healthy.

Trade union have work hard to deliver the comprehensive health and safety legislation that the UK workforce enjoys, but Governments and employers still try to undermine that. 

The best way to ensure that workers are protected is to have union health and safety reps in every workplace. Workplaces that have union safety reps and joint safety committees have half the serious injury rate of those without. That's why TUC and unions provide high calibre resources and training for trade union safety reps.

Help and support for safety reps:

  • Resources - guides and reports for health and safety reps
  • Unionreps discussion forum - join 20,000 online reps community to help and support each other to strengthen your role in the workplace. Sign up here, or download the app.
  • Hazards Magazine - Hazards looks behind the company safety hype, and gives union answers to workplace problems. 
  • Order Hazards at Work. a invaluable tool for all union health and safety representatives 

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