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About this resource

Good writing skills are an essential part of communication. They allow you to present your message clearly - to inform, persuade and avoid misunderstanding. In the workplace, good writing skills open doors. Clear, concise communication sets you apart from the crowd.

Who is this interactive guide for?

This guide is for trade union reps and members who want to improve on your writing capabilities. This guide aims to help you tackle everyday writing tasks such as writing letter, reports and offers practical advice. Writing skills can be developed and need practice. 

How will it help me?

  • give guidance on writing clarity, structure, grammar and spelling
  • guidance on structure, spelling & grammar and the writing process
  • let you show what you know with short quizzes
  • signpost you to further resources about writing skills

How do I complete it?

All you need is an internet-enabled mobile device (a phone or tablet) or a computer. Do as little or as much as you like each time you log on — your progress will always be saved. Next time you log on just pick up where you left off, this one will take you about 15-30 minutes to complete. 

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