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CoverUnions are uniquely placed to make a significant contribution towards ensuring that technology at work is for the benefit of all.

Through consultation and collective bargaining unions can make sure workers have a say in the development, procurement and application of technology at work. This provides a system of co-governance, enabling workers to influence and oversee the use of technology alongside their employer and others.

In this way, workers and unions can help to re-shape digitalisation at work, supporting compassionate innovation that leads to a better world of work for all, with workers sharing in the rewards of greater productivity.

Our goal is people powered technology at work – technology with human interests at heart.

This guidance is for union officials and representatives who have read our guidance When AI is the Boss and would like to: 

  • develop their understanding of digital management systems and the implications for workers
  • get ready to negotiate with an employer about the use of digital management systems
  • establish a collective agreement with provisions on digital management systems
  • put together union training programmes on the above. 

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