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As far right parties sweep to power around the world, and far right narratives enter mainstream discourse, the TUC believes it is vital that trade unions mount an effective response.

The International Rise of the Far Right: Building a Trade Union Response is a new political education course designed by the TUC to be used by our affiliate trade unions. The course outlines the nature, tactics, and origins of the contemporary far right. This is an advanced course aimed at trade union officers and senior workplace representatives. It advances a complex analysis of the historical, political, and economic changes that have shaped our present moment and proposes a trade union response based on solidarity and progressive economic change.

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Course outline

Session 1 - understanding the far right

  • Introduction
  • The new normal
  • Electoral support for the far right
  • Who are the far right

Session 2 - The legacy of imperialism, slavery and fascism

  • The relationship between racism and capitalism
  • Slavery and the reality of African history
  • Colonisation and the European economy
  • The birth of fascism

Session 3 - The political economy of the far right

  • The economic causes of fascism
  • The post war consensus and the new social contract
  • Chile, Thatcher and the birth of neoliberalism
  • Trade unions under attack
  • Wealth and power

Session 4 - Mainstreaming, internationalisation and digital warfare 

  • Internationalisation and mainstreaming of the far right
  • Financial and political support for the far right
  • Far-right ideas in the media
  • The far-right digital propaganda machine
  • The far right and conspiracy

Session 5 - Building the trade union response

  • What are the global challenges?
  • Trade unions are part of the solution.
  • Trade unions campaign for change.
  • Trade unions can defeat the far right in our workplaces and communities.

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