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Sexual harassment of LGBT people in the workplace

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Research and reports
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- Trans people's experiences

Not enough trans men responded to the survey for us to reliably report these findings separately.

Trans women 17 were even more likely than other women to experience sexual assault and rape at work, with around one third of trans women (32 per cent*) who responded to our survey reporting being sexually assaulted and over one in five (22 per cent*) experiencing serious sexual assault or rape.

One trans woman described her experience of “unwanted touching from a manager in charge” who had, “a curiosity about my breast growth.” 46- to 55-year-old, trans, woman, The Cost of Being Out at Work survey

  • 17. Fifty trans women responded to the survey. This is considered to be on the threshold of the minimum number of responses required for results of a sub-group to be considered robust and reliable enough to allow for analysis.