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Reasonable adjustments disability passports

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Policy proposal
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The benefits of a reasonable adjustments disability passport

The passport aims to support members and their reps to work with employers to ensure that up-to-date, appropriate, practical and correct reasonable adjustments are in place, and to:

  • provide workers and their line managers with the basis for discussions and an accurate record of the reasonable adjustments that may be needed and have been agreed
  • end the need to renegotiate reasonable adjustments with a new manager every time the worker changes jobs or is relocated
  • provide a clear timeline for expectations and deadlines.

The reasonable adjustments disability passport allows you, the worker, to:

  • explain the impact of your working conditions on you, given your personal circumstances
  • explain the barriers that you encounter that stop you participating fully at work
  • suggest adjustments that you think will make it easier for you to fully participate
  • review the effectiveness of adjustment/s provided and the ongoing impact this has on your work
  • explain any change to your health or circumstances.
  • feel reassured that your manager will know what to do if you become unwell at work, when to contact emergency services and who to contact if necessary
  • know how and when your manager will keep in touch should you be absent from work due to your disability
  • consider including more information from your GP, specialist or other expert as appropriate to support your request.