There are nearly 60 trades councils in the London, East & South East (LESE) region with new ones being formed; this is just a snapshot of some activities.

The relentless work offered by Trade Union Council members and supporters can never be underestimated.

TUC London, East & South East’s themed Trades Council Conference is held annually and promotes the voice of workers and the value of trade unions.

TUC London, East & South East Trades Councils Conference - Saturday 6 October 2018

TUC LESE May Day Events   

* London, May Day and Rally - Tuesday 1 May 2018 

Chelmsford Trades Council, May Day Rally - Thursday 3 May 2018

* Bedford & District Trades Council, IWD Celebrations, Saturday 5 May 2018   

* Croydon Trades CouncilMay Day March and Rally, Saturday 5 May 2018

* Ipswich Trades Council,  May Day Festival - Sunday 6 May 2018

* Medway Trades Council, May Day Parade  - Sunday 6 May 2018  

* Reading Trades Council, May Day March and Rally - Monday 7 May 2018   

* Southampton & S.W. Hampshire Trades Council, May Day - Monday 7 May 2018 

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TUC: A New Deal for Working People March & Rally, Saturday 12 May 2018  - Regional Travel

* Great Yarmouth Trades Council

Kings Lynn and District Trades Council 

* TUC March and Rally Update

Trades Council Publications

Medway Trades Council  - The Medway Activist Issue 1 

Burston Strike School Rally (Sunday 2 September 2018)

Annual rally to celebrate the longest strike in history: Schoolchildren ‘went on strike’ in 1914 to support their teachers, sacked by the rural squirearchy for organising agricultural workers.

SERTUC - Trades Union Congress

John McDonnell speaks of love for Norfolk at Burston Strike Rally

At the Burston Strike rally in 2017, John McDonnell spoke about the strike's enduring influence.