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Here's what you need to know for Saturday

We expecting a lively march, buzzing atmosphere and a collective voice shouting WE DEMAND BETTER!

If you’re planning on hitting the streets this Saturday, here’s some handy tips on what to do and what to bring so you’re fully prepared for the day.

Where: Meet at Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR, March route
When: Saturday 18 June | Assemble from 10.30am | March departs at 12pm | Rally at 1pm at Parliament Square.


Important notices

  • March form-up order and route: The front of the march will assemble outside the BBC, on Portland Place (near the junction with Langham Place), and the march will form up behind, going north towards Park Crescent. It will be easier to join the march from the rear. If you’re joining the march as part of your union or a supporting organisations, please look for your allocated section. Stewards will be available to help you find your section.
  • Disabled access: The short march will form up at Whitehall Place, from 11am. Accessible toilets at the form up and rally have been arranged - marchers should ask a steward for directions. There's a quiet venue rest stop during the route at St James church at Piccadilly. 
    The rally will have British Sign Language interpreter on the stage and speech to text transcript. It will be live streamed on TUC’s Facebook page with live captions.
  • First aid: If you require medical attention on the day, there will be ambulances stationed at the front and rear of the march and a first aid tent at the rally.
  • Toilets: We’ve created an interactive map so you can find the nearest toilets on the march route.
  • Updates: On the day we will use Twitter @The_TUC and communications via stewards to provide updates.
  • Need help on the day: Please find the nearest steward who will be wearing a pink or orange TUC hi-vis vest and the will help you with your questions.

Before the day

  • Make signs. We want onlookers to know exactly what we’re demonstrating about. Homemade signs are a powerful tool in a crowded space. Here're some top tips on how to make your signs stand out.
  • Plan your journey. If you’re getting an organised coach or making your own way there, make sure you check the departure times and get there in plenty of time.
  • Charge your phone. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you're ready to post up your photos on social media using #DemandBetter.

On the day

  • Water: Make sure you have a full bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels up.
  • Sun protection: We're expecting it to be a sunny day. Protect yourself from the rays and have your shades, hat and sun block ready. 
  • Snacks:  There are plenty of cafes and shops along the route to the rally. But you may want to pack your own snacks to give you that added boost along the march.
  • Portable phone charger: Just in case your phone runs out of juice, pack a portable charger.
  • Bring your signs. Bring your homemade signs and any extras you make have. Protestors without signs might appreciate your extras.


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