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Covid-19 Inquiry

The Covid Public Inquiry is looking into how the UK dealt with the greatest public health threat for decades, the Covid-19 pandemic. It is established under the 2005 Inquiries act as a statutory public inquiry with witnesses heard under oath.

Austerity played a huge role in undermining the resilience of our country to withstand the pandemic. You can read how in our Austerity and the pandemic report at Austerity and the pandemic.

What is the purpose of the Covid-19 Inquiry?

The inquiry will listen to the accounts of victims and their families, as well as seek to establish facts, find fault, and learn lessons.

The Inquiry is divided into a series of modules looking at different aspects of the Covid pandemic. Four modules include:

  1. Resilience and preparedness
  2. Core UK decision-making and political governance
  3. The impact of the pandemic on the healthcare system
  4. Vaccines and therapeutics

How is the TUC involved?

The TUC is acting on behalf of its 48 member Unions and representing 5.5 million working people across the country at the inquiry. The TUC is a Core Participant in modules 1, 2, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3 and will be applying for Core Participant status in further modules. Core Participants have the legal right to see evidence, put forward questions for witnesses and make opening and closing statements. You can see the TUC's opening statement for module 1, into pandemic preparedness (12 June 2023) 

We will be fighting to ensure the inquiry looks in depth on how the government failed to engage with unions effectively in decision making and the impact that had on PPE and the implementation, management and enforcement of workplace safety measures.

Watch the clips of our counsel, Caoilfhionn Gallagher, standing up for health workers at the recent module three preliminary hearing:

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