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Transgender day of remembrance 2023

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Remember Brianna Ghey – her 17th birthday would have been on the 7/11 had she not been killed in a Warrington park earlier this year.

Our thoughts are with you and your families.

Remember too, the 26 trans and non-binary people murdered in the US since the last TDoR. Violent deaths which all could have been prevented with greater understanding and empathy from society and political leaders in particular.

Remember that LGBTQ+ people face growing risk around the world but notably in countries in central Europe, Russia, Middle Eastern countries, the US, and others.

Remember that Uganda has enacted the most horrific laws against LGBTQ+ people this year, and other African nations are seeking to follow suit.

Remember that in 2017 Theresa May committed her Conservative Government to banning conversion therapy and improving trans rights.

Remember that on the 7 November Sunak & Co again failed our communities by not announcing legislation to ban this abhorrent practice for all LGBT+ people in the final King’s Speech of this failed Government, opening the door for further torture while those in charge of our country pander to a minority of their own MPs.

Remember that trans and non-binary people have been present in society for thousands of years, without causing any problems or diminishing women’s rights. That we stood at the forefront of Stonewall fighting for LGB rights, before LGBTQ+ was the umbrella term. That we stood with miners on their picket lines in the 80s. That we stand with women in the fight for their rights to equal pay and conditions, and safe spaces in the same way that we need all of these equalities.

On Trans Day of Remembrance 2023, remember that we’re only human. Your friends, your siblings. Your children, your partners or your parents.

That all we ask is to be able to live freely and with dignity in an equal society without threat of ridicule, violence or death. To work in equal workplaces, for a fair week’s wage. To receive treatment if that is what we seek, without years of waiting.


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