Celebrating 150 years of the TUC

Published date
31 May 2018
This month, the TUC celebrates its 150th anniversary and with it, a century and a half of working together to change the world of work for good.

It all started with a simple question. Samuel Caldwell Nicholson, a typesetter and union officer living in Manchester asked:“why not have a congress of our own?”  The trade union movement came together in Manchester, resolved to work as one, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the role of trade unions, to commemorate our history, and most importantly to position ourselves as a modern, confident movement with a role of central importance and legitimacy in today’s workplace and economy.

June celebrations

On 1 June, the Royal Mail will launch an 8-stamp commemorative sheet containing images and information about key trade union moments like equal pay.  Copies of the sheet can be ordered directly from the Royal Mail at a cost of £15.95 per sheet.

Civic celebrations will take place across the country, including a national reception to be held at the Speaker’s House in Westminster and a reception for local trade unionist hosted by Manchester City Council.

TUC150 collection

As part of our celebrations, the TUC has put together a set of trade union stories from the last 150 years. It’s not a history of trade unionism.  Nor is it a definitive list of the great women and men of our movement.  Instead we present some snapshots of trade unionists whose stories will surprise, move and inspire you here

Tell your story

These 150 stories showcase the amazing achievements of trade unionists over the last 150 years. But there are many more stories we could have told. And everyday, working people are finding new ways to create change – we want to hear those stories too!

So if you have a story to tell, share it here. Let’s celebrate our past and, more importantly, look to the next 150 years of changing the world of work for good.

TUC Congress

There will be a second focal moment for celebrations at the TUC Congress in Manchester in September.

What will you do?

The trade unionists highlighted in the TUC150 collection played their part in a movement that has shaped two centuries.  What will you do to make trade unions stronger for the next 150 years?