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#Black Lives Matter

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A blog from Monica Taylor, member of both the TUC Midlands' Inclusion and Pensioner Network committees.

#Black Lives Matter

I still struggle to find the words to describe the way I feel of the brutal murder of George Floyd which has sent shock waves around the world. 

I am exhausted by the heartbreak that never seems to stop, for years and generation we as black people have been crying out for change and are heard, yet the pain continues.

Now more than ever we need to stand together, unified together as racism needs to be met with actions, not silence and it is all our responsibility to speak out against injustice. “Don’t be silent”, as silence achieves nothing and kick racism out of our societies for good. 

Racism is toxic and needs to be addressed not with violence or silence, but with unity and action, let us be better people it is 2020 “Black lives matter” We need to truly show that blackness is valued and matters in the world, in all our lives and in the workplaces. 

Race and racism is a reality that so many of us grow up learning to just deal with it, but if we ever hope to move on, it cannot just be on people of colour it is up to everyone to work together to create a new normal in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions. 

Addressing the issue of race is a difficult daunting task, but we need to show courage, black, white, to speak the truth, give space for all who wants dialogue and directly address our country, our world, troubled history in regards to race. 

On Sunday 1st June, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said, that the video footage of George Floyd’s death was “very distressing” but would not comment on President Donald Trump’s response (shameful of the Foreign Secretary)

We all need to have dialogue about racism; we need to teach our children about it, we need to interrupt and shut down racist jokes or commentary and to stand up against injustice 
This virus is exposing endemic inequalities that have too long been ignored, the killing of George Floyd are highlighting not only police brutality against people of colour, but also the inequalities in health, education, employment and endemic racial discrimination. 

Fairness and justice is not just a black issue but an issue for all, therefore I call on the TUC to lead the fight for International condemnation. “Black lives Matter” 

In Solidarity
Monica Taylor

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