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Tackling the far right

Far-right extremism is on the rise, in workplaces, in our communities, and online. Unions and union reps can help tackle these issues by using solidarity, trust and by talking to people about their concerns.
Our objectives

In 2019–2020, the TUC and our member unions will:

  • work with international partners to tackle the global threat of the far right, defend workers’ rights and build stronger unions
  • deliver training to our reps on how to challenge far-right ideology in the workplace

The far right are on the march in Britain and across the globe. They are exploiting genuine grievances in a bid to divide working people against each other, notably by scapegoating migrants and Muslims.

Everyone should get the same rate for the job and have an equal chance to thrive – regardless of race, religion, nationality or background.

The far right doesn’t represent working people’s interests, trade unions do. We will grow our movement, and build a big, brave coalition to take on and expose the forces of hate.

Tackling the far-right - interactive guide 

Tackling the far-right - interactive guide 

In this online guide you'll learn who the far-right are, practical tips on how to campaign against them, and how to hold difficult conversations with people who may have been influenced by far-right propaganda. 

Interactive guide


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