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Y&H 75th Annual Regional Conference

Sheffield Town Hall

Presiding: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw
Regional Secretary: Bill Adams, TUC

Delegates to conference are nominated by affiliated unions, however you can also register as a visitor to join panel debates and fringe events.

Visitors can also join the main conference online. You won't have the voting rights that the delegates have but you can watch the conference proceedings and panel debates live.

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Conference formally opens on Saturday morning and adjourns at lunchtime on Sunday. Our fringe programme begins on Friday afternoon with a panel debate on green bargaining in our workplaces, a welcome reception, and a Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise / Unite Hospitality presentation and Q&A.

5 hours of debate time for motions is scheduled below.

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Saturday 18 March 2023

06.00     Deadline for Emergency Motions by email 

08.00     Consideration for Emergency motions by Executive Committee Officers

08.15     Welcome desk opens

08.30     Heads of Delegation to meet for decision on Emergency motions, voting instructions and final speaker lists 

09.00     Conference opens

Chair's address
Welcome address: Cllr Terry Fox, Leader Sheffield City Council

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw     

09.05     Collective Victories Video        

09.15     Regional Secretary's report

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

09.30     Emergency motions & Elections

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

10.00     Programme motions for a resolution

Section 1 - Protecting the Right to Strike and Protest (3)
PCS - Tory attacks on our rights: defend democracy, trade unions and the right to protest
UCU - Build united action and defend the right to strike
SYCATUC – Working together to face the current unprecedented challenges

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

10.30     Keynote Address

Paul Nowak, TUC general secretary

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

10.45     Panel Debate One: Building an Anti-Racist Trade Union Movement 


Kudsia Batool, TUC
Ian Manborde, Equity
Cathrine Ward, Unison
Ijeoma Omambala, KC

Chair: Becky Sixsmith-Hughes, TUC

12.00     LUNCH
(2 hours)

14.00   Keynote Address

Oliver Coppard, Mayor of South Yorkshire

Chair: Bill Adams, TUC

14.15     Panel debate 2: Climate Change panel - Why climate change matters to trade unions


Nikki Davies, Leeds College of Building
Linda Clarke, Westminster University
Cllr Abtisam Mohamed, Sheffield Councillor and Labour PPC

Chair: Jenny Patient, TUC

15.15    Programme motions for a resolution

Section 2 - Climate Change and Just Transition (1)
WYATUC – Climate Tipping Point

Section 3 - Safe Passage for Asylum Seekers (1)
PCS - Safe passage for Asylum seekers

Section 4 - Standing up for Workers (3)
Unite – Protect our Pensions
GMB – Protecting Teaching Assistants at Work
GMB – End abuse of staff at Wilkinson’s Stores

Chair: Bill Adams, TUC

16.30     Panel Debate Three: International panel - Organising precarious workers


Hanna Winter, DGB
Laura Dickinson, LGO
Sindre Hornnes, LO, Norway
USA speaker TBC

Chair: Harriet Eisner, Unite

17.45     Conference adjourns to Sunday

19.00     Civic Reception and Regional Council Awards

Sponsored by One Yorkshire Committee

20.00     Regional Council Dinner

21.30     Close of dinner

Sunday 19 March 2023

09.30    Conference resumes

Chair's opening remarks

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

9.40    Programme motions for a resolution

Section 5 - Supporting and Promoting our Broadcasting, Creative and Culture sectors (3)
NUJ - Defending Journalism and Public Broadcasting
Equity – Promote Trade Union recognition in the culture sector
Equity - Campaigning for culture

Section 6 - Investing in Public Services and Transport (4)
RMT – No More P&Os
UCU - Better Bus Services: Support York Conference on Bus Services
UNISON- Y&H Public Transport
RMT - A better future for our railways

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

11.00    Keynote Address

Louise Haigh, MP

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw 

11.15    Programme motions for a resolution

Section 6 (cont’d) - Investing in Public Services and Transport (3)
RCM – Action on maternity staffing shortages
UNISON – Tackling health inequalities and closing the life expectancy gap
RCM – Action on NHS car parking fees

Section 7 - Automation and Skills Training (2)
Unite - The Fight Against Automation Job Losses
USDAW - Automation and Skills Training

Section 8 - Defend our members right to vote (1)
WYATUC - Postal Vote Take-up Drive to Counter Impact of Voter ID

Section 9 - Union Towns (1)
SYCATUC - Community Unionism in Yorkshire and the Humber

Chair: Harriet Eisner, Unite

13.00     Final vote: Adoption of Regional Council Report

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

13.15     Chair’s closing address to conference

Chair: Joanne Thomas, Usdaw

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