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Jade Blackburn
Job title
Nationwide employee
Mum-of-one Jade is in her 20s and lives in South Yorkshire. She currently works flexibly for Nationwide.
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"I've been working for Nationwide for seven years. I first asked for flexible working back in 2016 when I was pregnant, and my manager let me move my hours around. Then when I came back from maternity leave, I asked to reduce my hours to fit around my childcare. Again, my manager was supportive.

“I've had to ask for more flexible working arrangements through the pandemic. At first my husband was at home on furlough so I could keep working, but when he went back to work his company changed his shifts from nine-hour days to 12-hour days at very short notice, so I had to ask to change my hours again.

“When my daughter started school in September, Nationwide agreed I could do split shifts. That's ideal for me as it means that whatever happens with my husband's work pattern, I know I can drop my daughter at school and pick her up.

“Being allowed to work from home has also been a massive help. Nationwide have said I can now work at home permanently which is brilliant. At times during the pandemic, we were struggling a bit financially and had to take payment holidays from some bills and the mortgage. But being based at home means I've been able to increase my hours back to full-time from part-time, which has been a huge bonus financially.

“Nationwide are understanding about the need to work flexibly. Their approach is for you to go to them with two or three scenarios that would work for you, and ideally, they'll make your first preference work. But if not then you can look at one of the other options.

Flexible work is great because it means I can do the job I do, be there for my daughter and earn a full-time wage. Nationwide are happy because I cover all the core hours that they need me to, and they have the benefit of retaining an experienced member of staff.

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