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The TUC’s 2019 report, ‘Sexual harassment of LGBT people in the workplace’ found that 7 out of 10 LGBT had been sexually harassed at work, yet two thirds didn’t report it to their employer.

Pride is a time to celebrate LGBT+ lives, people and identities. But we must also acknowledge that for some people life is difficult and, for some, those difficulties are at work. Pride started as a political movement highlighting LGBT+ struggles and inequalities and this TUC pride campaign keeps to those historic and important roots.

Our campaign acknowledges we have a long way to go before there is LGBT+ equality. For a long time trade unions have been at the forefront of that struggle, and they still have a job to do.

The TUC Pride campaign calls for Every LGBT+ person to be in a union.

The TUC Pride campaign pack includes a selection of images for use on social media, and a number or example tweets to get you started.

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Example of graphics you can download and use
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