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Advice for LGBT+ workers

We all deserve respect at work, whatever our sexual orientation or gender identity. But, while lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) communities have seen lots of positive change in recent years, too many still don’t feel safe and comfortable at work.
That gay cake – a quick digest

An explanation of what the Supreme Court's decision in the Ashers bakery case means for LGBT+ rights

The Supreme Court said no. They said Ashers bakery had the right to refuse to decorate the cake with the message supporting gay marriage, as it was the message they objected to, not the person who ordered the cake.

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Help at work

Transforming the Workplace - guide for reps and activists on supporting trans members

Trans people want and expect to be treated with dignity, fairness and equality. Unions can have a major role in ensuring that all workplaces provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. This guide will help reps and activists to change workplaces to make sure they are supportive of both current and potential workers who identify as trans.

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Risk of Brexit for LGBT workers

The UK’s membership of the EU has strengthened protections for LGBT+ people in this country. Now Brexit is putting those hard-won rights at risk. When the UK is outside the EU, LGBT+ people could find it harder to rely on human rights that are guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. This briefing sets out the risks of Brexit to LGBT workers. 

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Trans Ally

How to be a good trans ally at work

The trade union movement is built on solidarity among workers in an explicit acknowledgment that we are stronger together. This is why it’s important all working people, union members and trade union representatives are trans allies.

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Campaigning toolkit

Targeting trade union support to combat LGBT phobia in football - campaigning toolkit

We need to collectively challenge the prejudice faced by many LGBT people in football and wider sport. As with many trade union campaigns we want to encourage local victories and engagement with local clubs, supporters groups and County Football Associations which are vital to contribute towards removing the barriers faced by many in society. This toolkit will outline to everyone basic principles related to protocol to help effective campaigning.

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