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Due to the conference taking place online, our usual exhibitors will not be able to use the opportunity to fundraise or advertise their activities.

Please offer your support by taking time to visit their websites below. 


Where do you go when you want to buy a book? A union-busting corporation or a socialist bookshop? Bookmarks is the largest socialist bookshop in Britain.
And we don't just sell from our shop in London, we go out and about to provide bookstalls at events across the country, from Tolpuddle to major demonstrations. We send books across the world and offer a full mail order service for individuals and trade unions.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

CND campaigns for a nuclear-free world. We oppose the replacement of Britain’s nuclear weapons system, Trident, which will cost £205 billion of public money. We support the United Nations’ treaty to prohibit all nuclear weapons globally and are working to get our government to support it. We work with MPs, activists and civil society to bring about change.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

CSC campaigns for the end of the illegal US blockade of Cuba, for the return of the illegally US occupied Guantanamo Bay and for respect for Cuba’s sovereignty and independence.


We’re not just a human rights charity - we're also a production company who understand exactly the kinds of messaging you need whether you're a charity, a non-profit or an education organisation. 
We can help you create films to start conversations.
Whether you need to create something for a new campaign, enable your audience to access resources or tell people about your events - nothing gets your message over faster than a video. 


Galop provides support for LGBT+ people of all ages and backgrounds who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual harm, hate crime, or other forms of abuse and violence. 

Galop is run by LGBT+ people, for LGBT+ people, and provides a safe space for survivors of abuse to get the help they need. Their services are independent, confidential, and free.

Health Campaigns Together

Health Campaigns Together was set up in 2015 provide an alliance for those fighting for the full reinstatement of Our NHS, including proper pay and conditions for all health workers. We have affiliates among all trade unions, most campaigns and many local and some national political groups. We recognise that most NHS staff are women and seek to support actions around proper maternity and post maternity care as well as all services for women.

Maternity Action

UK charity Maternity Action promotes, protects and enhances the rights of all pregnant women, new mothers and their families to employment, social security and health care.  Our free phone advice services and our 70+ briefing papers provide information on maternity rights at work, social security, breastfeeding rights and the entitlements of migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women to housing, income and healthcare.  Find out how to affiliate your trade union branch.

National Pensioners Convention

The NPC Women’s Working Party is made up of women from all walks of life, from around the country who regularly meet to discuss issues of concern. Together we:

  • build links with other women’s groups; organise seminars on relevant topics; normally have a stand and hold a fringe meeting at the Women’s TUC conference.
  • produce the Women's’ Network Exchange, a bi-monthly newsletter which reports on issues of particular relevance to women.


Palestine Solidarity Campaign

(PSC) is an independent and democratic organisation, campaigning for peace, equality & justice for Palestinians, in support of international law & human rights, and against all forms of racism.

Please get involved and support our solidarity work. Raise the issue of Palestine in your branch and region, we can supply resources: material, speakers and more. | @PSCupdates

The Matchgirls Memorial

The Matchgirls Memorial is a charitable organisation dedicated to commemorating and memorialising the victorious Matchgirls Strike of 1888. We seek to raise awareness, through education and the arts, of the courageous working class young women and girls that stood up and fought for their working rights. Our main aim is to get a statue to honour them in the East End where they worked for the Bryant and May match factory.


For 100 years, Thompsons has been fighting for women’s rights by campaigning with unions for positive change. From representing Poplar Borough Council when it introduced equal pay for women in 1921 and then the first equal pay for equal value court judgment in 1988 to successfully representing presenter Samira Ahmed’s case against the BBC in 2020, Thompsons has a long history of winning landmark cases that make a decisive difference to women’s lives.

War on Want

McDonald’s has a sexual harassment problem: Women from across the world are joining together and speaking out about the harassment they have faced whilst working at the company. Workers in the USA have even been on strike about it. But still McDonald’s is refusing to take the action needed to end sexual harassment in its restaurants.

Stand with McDonald’s women workers: Demand McDonald’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy sit down with worker survivors and their union (the BFAWU) to end sexual harassment.

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