TUC's response to Taylor Review consultations

Report type
Consultation response
Issue date
27 Jun 2018

In October 2016 the Prime Minister commissioned Matthew Taylor to conduct an independent review into modern working practices, focused on assessing how employment practices might need to change in order to keep pace with modern business models.

The report The Review of Modern Working Practices was published in July 2017 which included 53 recommendations. In February 2018, the government responded to the Taylor Review and issued four consultations seeking views on the recommendations made by the report. Here's our consultation responses regarding agency workers, the enforcement of employment rights, employment status and measures to improve transparency in the UK labour market.

TUC response to the consultation on agency workers recommendations

The TUC appreciates the opportunity to respond to this consultation but the government's proposals will fail to tackle the problems and abuses experienced daily by agency workers in the UK. The government should introduce wide-ranging reforms to protect agency workers. The first priority must be to repeal of the Swedish derogation, to ensure all agency workers have the same rights to equal pay.

Read TUC response  (PDF)

Read our policy proposal report Ending the Undercutters' Charter (PDF)

TUC response to the consultation on enforcement of employment rights recommendations

The Taylor Review missed the opportunity to put forward recommendations that would counter the systemic problems in the UK labour market that cause large-scale non-compliance with employment rights.  But the Review proposed improvements to the enforcement system which could make it easier for working people to enforce their rights.

Read TUC response  (PDF)

TUC response to the consultation employment status

The TUC believes that there is a compelling case for the government to reform employment status rules so they reflect the reality of the workplace and raise the floor of rights for working people. The government should adopt an ambitious programme of reform which is outlined in our response. Read TUC response  (PDF)

TUC response to the consultation to increase transparency in the UK labour market

Government proposals represent a step in the right direction, but wider reform is needed to prevent employers from gaming the system. But overall these proposals lack ambition and will not address the imbalance of power in the workplace. The TUC is concerned the proposals will not tackle the problems created by growing insecurity in the UK labour market or prevent the mistreatment and exploitation of working people.

Our response (PDF)