Charter to make every job a great job

The Great Jobs Agenda is a charter for everyone. You can use to see whether you're in a great job, that unions can use to negotiate with employers to improve things, employers can use to check how they're doing, and we all can use to campaign for government action.
Our objectives

We want workers to know when their job is a great job or a rubbish job, we want employers to sign up to make all their jobs great jobs, and we want MPs and councillors to commit to making great jobs for all a possibility.

The Great Jobs Agenda says all workers must:

  • be paid fairly
  • work in a safe and healthy workplace
  • be treated decently
  • have regular hours
  • get a voice on what matters at work; and
  • get the chance to get on in life 

The Great Jobs Agenda is part of the TUC's campaign for Great Jobs for Everyone.