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TUC submission on UK-India trade talks

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Consultation response
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The TUC has responded to the Department of International Trade's consultation on trade negotiations with India that it has announced it plans to start later in the year.

The response states UK trade negotiations should support respect for fundamental human and labour rights.  The TUC does not believe the UK should sign a trade deal with India whilst the government in India is failing to ensure respect for International Labour Organisation conventions -  including those around freedom of association and collective bargaining – and civil liberties.

The TUC's response also highlights concerns that a UK-India trade deal threatens to:

  • displace Indian workers from stable jobs into informal jobs by lowering tariffs too much on domestic industries and agricultural sectors
  • undermine food security by lowering tariffs too much on agricultural sectors
  • increase outsourcing from the UK to India
  • increase the exploitation of migrant workers if mobility clauses contain no protections for workers

The TUC and Indian unions call on our governments to meaningfully involve trade unions, as well as relevant civil society groups, in the negotiation of any trade agreement to ensure trade talks between the UK and India support respect for workers' rights and address these concerns.

Download TUC response (pdf)

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