Issue date
28 Aug 2015

The main points in Frances O'Grady's letter are set out at the beginning.

"On behalf of the TUC, the voice of Britain at work, and our 6 million members of affiliated trade unions, this letter is our submission to the Commission’s consultation on the Impact Assessment that will accompany its recommendation to launch the modernisation of the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement. We work closely with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and Mexican unions , and support the ETUC’s contribution to this consultation exercise.

"In summary, we believe that before negotiations begin, the Government of Mexico should be required to take steps to bring its labour laws and practice into conformity with international standards – principally those of the ILO – and we believe that the EU should insist in any subsequent negotiations on the inclusion of enforceable dispute settlement arrangements for labour rights, and the establishment of an adequately resourced system of monitoring involving trade unions in Mexico and the European Union."