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TUC Aid supports a ‘just transition’ in Bangladesh  

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In July, TUC Aid agreed to fund a project run by the Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (BOSHE) Foundation to raise awareness of ‘just transition’, the idea that the transition to a low or no carbon economy must be based on principles of social justice and involvement of trade unions. 

This mini project was designed to assist the OSHE Foundation - a union-run body - to continue its work with trade unions at field level on climate change issues through mobilisation, awareness raising and knowledge building to promote and  operationalise the ‘just transition framework’ at national level.

Already, the mini project has seen the following actions taking place:

  • 5,000 copies of a Bangla language ‘Just Transition’ leaflet have been distributed as part of the awareness raising campaign. The flyers continue to be used at union and workplace level in Sylhet, Chittagong, Dhaka and Khulna region.
  • 2,000 more copies of the workers’ education handbook “Green Jobs – A Just Transition to Low Carbon Economy”, produced originally as part of an earlier TUC Aid funded project, have been printed
  • A two-page briefing on the outcomes of the Paris climate change agreement has been drafted and will be reviewed and finalised by an expert group at OSHE, for printing and distribution among trade unionists in Bangladesh.
  • A National Trainers Training on Just Transition and Green Jobs for union leaders in vulnerable sectors has been organised to take place on 18-19 November in Dhaka.

The impact of climate change on different parts of Bangladesh is affecting different national development initiatives: employment and livelihood of the working class people in vulnerable sectors; national food security systems; and basic public health, shelter and safe drinking water. OHSE's Just Transition - 2016 programme is successfully contributing to the creation of solidarity work within the national labour movement. 

Working together on Just Transition issues at workplaces and at national level, and raising awareness among union members and workers in vulnerable sectors like agriculture, fishery, construction and manufacturing in the coastal belt areas on climate change are all part of demonstrating the important role that unions and workers can play.

A final project report is expected in January 2017.

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