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Submission to government consultation on UK-New Zealand trade

Report type
Consultation response
Issue date
Key findings
  • The TUC joins with the NZCTU New Zealand national union centre in calling for trade deals involving the UK and New Zealand to support decent jobs and protect high labour and other safety standards, public services and democratic decision making
  • The TUC is concerned by suggestions from the Trade Secretary that trade deals with countries like New Zealand could substitute for a trade deal with the EU. Not only would a deal with New Zealand not be able to replace volumes of trade with the EU but could pose threats to rights, public services and democratic decision making if it resembled the Comprehensive and Progressive Transpacific Partnership (CPTPP) deal New Zealand has recently signed.
  • The TUC believes the best option on the table to ensure UK workers continue to be protected by EU levels of employment rights and protect jobs is for the UK to continue to be a member of the single market and customs union, although we are open to other proposals that meet the same objectives.
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