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NHS Campaigners' Guide

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Helping you get involved in action to save our NHS where you live and work

People from all walks of life joined together to fight against the Health and Social Care Act that the government pushed through in 2012.

Now we need to regroup and strengthen that coalition to fight to keep our NHS safe by:

  • exposing the cuts and privatisation that threaten to break it up
  • campaigning for patient safety and safe staffing levels
  • campaigning against NHS money going into private profits
  • lobbying for transparency and openness from all providers.

How will this guide help you?

This free campaign guide will help you get involved in action to save our NHS where you live and work.

NHS Guide

It provides ideas for:

CAMPAIGNING around local cuts, privatisation of local services or financially driven closures

LOBBYING MPs and councillors to protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation

WORKING TOGETHER with others from unions, patients' groups and anti-cuts campaigners in your area.

The guide covers the following sections:

  • provides context about what is happening in the NHS and why.
  • explains how to discover what is happening in your area.
  • gives ideas for campaigning plans, activities and events.
  • A list NHS jargon and terms you might come across.

Download NHS Campaigners' Guide [PDF, 1.7MB]

You can also find further resources on the TUC website at:

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