Issue date
13 Feb 2015

Money to BurnTouchstone Extras #14 Download Money to Burn? Driving energy efficiency in the commercial sector [PDF]

Although there are many examples of businesses seriously improving their building’s ‘footprint’, this often happens despite, rather than because of, help from good government schemes. This Touchstone Extra sets out the need to improve the efficient use of energy in the commercial services sector – in hotels, offices, supermarkets, other retail outlets and business premises. That covers organisations that are not in the public sector and that occupy existing buildings (not new properties). Manufacturers in the energy intensive industries are excluded.

Chapter 1 will argue why improving commercial energy efficiency is important to the UK and domestic performance to date. We then set out five strategic areas where public policy could be much enhanced to improve commercial energy efficiency.

Chapter 2 provides example of tried and tested policies from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA to address these gaps.

Chapter 3 will then make policy recommendations for UK commercial energy efficiency policy.