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Research and reports
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01 Dec 2014

Know Your Rights - Leave and pay for mothers leaflet

Download Paternity leave and pay (PDF)

If you are an expectant father or the partner of someone due to give birth or adopt a child, you could be entitled to time off to attend ante-natal appointments plus up to two weeks’ paid paternity leave. You may also be able to take more time off in the first year as Shared Parental Leave and be entitled to some Shared Parental Pay.

Other rights that may help you combine paid work with looking after your child include unpaid parental leave, the right to request flexible working and emergency time off for dependants.

This booklet explains who is entitled to these rights and how they work. It focuses on how these rights work following the birth of a child.

If you are adopting a child or using a surrogate to have a child you may want to refer to the Know Your Rights leaflets for these situations.

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