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Derby City Council Emploment Charter

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Derby CharterDerby charter

The Midlands TUC May Regional  Council was hosted by Derby City Council and saw the launch of the ground breaking, innovative ‘Derby City Council Employment Charter’. Developed over the last couple of years the Charter had entailed the establishment of a commission that looked at all aspects of the Council’s employment practices and set out the principles by which the Council will move forward.

The Charter will lead to greater motivation, security and fairness for staff at Derby City. Crucially, the Charter encourages all employers across the city to adopt the principles of the Charter as means of delivering more prosperous, secure and fair employment in Derby.
Midlands TUC Regional Secretary, Lee Barron, said:

"Fundamental to the success of the Charter has been the extent to which the Council have worked closely with their workforce through the recognised trade unions. Real, genuine partnership between employers and unions that secures lasting improvements for staff and the city of Derby. This approach is a model of progressive, inclusive and collaborative employment.
Utilising the democratic mandate of the local authority to proactively promote greater economic fairness across the local authority economy really is exciting and offers a model for how other local authorities can demonstrate innovative leadership in difficult times.

The Council have driven this Charter forward in full partnership with the unions at the Council, and really is a model of progressive, inclusive and collaborative employment.

“The Midlands TUC will be promoting Derby City’s imaginative process as best practice to local authorities right across both the Midlands and the rest of the UK.”

Councillor Ranjit Banwait, Leader of the Derby City Council, said
“I am thrilled to fulfill one of our manifesto pledges, within the first week of our new term in office.
The Charter is everything we aspire to and believe in.

The Council will lead the way forward in economic recovery and make sure our staff have access to fair
employment policies and act as a role model for other employers within the city. We want to be an
employer of choice.

Councillor Lisa Eldret said: “Austerity should not mean a race to the bottom. Times are tough, but that does
not mean we cannot seek to bring in jobs, fair treatment and decent living standards. Families should be
able to rely on the Co uncil to work on their behalf. It is about re-assessing what is important and demonstrating the values we want other employers to follow.”

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