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BAREFOOT Research: A Worker's Manual for Organising On Work Security

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BAREFOOT Research: A Worker's Manual for Organising On Work Security
Margaret Keith, James Brophy, Peter Kirby, Ellen Rosskam, 2002

This manual has been developed to help empower workers to increase theirlevel of control over their own work situations, to protect their healthand well being,and to improve their level of basic security

Section 1 (1Mb PDF download)
Why Barefoot Research?

  • Aims of the manual
  • Who is this manual for?
  • Benefits of Barefoot Research: Everyone wins
  • Why work security?
  • Costs of work-related accidents and diseases
  • Limitations of 'scientific' study

Section 2(1) (927Mb PDF download)
Tools for Barefoot Research

  • Define your goals
  • Inspections by workers
  • Surveys
  • Small group discussions

Section 2(2) (2.56Mb PDF download)

  • Mapping
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Using and interpreting information

Section 3(1) (1.2Mb PDF download)

Taking Action

  • Using and sharing the results of Barefoot Research
  • Agreeing on action with workers
  • Getting things done: careful preparation; negotiating with management; joint labour-management health and safety committee; collective agreements; grievance and disputes procedures; building support outside the workplace
  • Gaining a voice

Section 3(2) (504kb PDF download)

Taking Barefoot Research Further

Section 4 (598kb PDF download)
References, Resources and Further Reading

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