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TUC Campaign Plan 2018-2019
Date of Publication: 2018
This year was the TUC's 150 year Anniversary of it's first meeting in Manchester. This new plan for 2018-2019, sets out what our movement will do together, over the coming year. It's our very own manifesto for working people. It complements the campaigns and industrial priorities of individual unions. One copy is free to union members, please call 0207 467 1294 or email for bulk prices (Carriage may be added) Free publication
TUC President's Badge 2018
Date of Publication: 2018
This year's President's badge, is in beautiful black and gold enamel. It features the name of the president for this year's 150th Congress in Manchester, Sally Hunt, and the words 'Changing the world of work for good'. Discounts available for bulk orders, please contact TUC Publications.
General Council Report 2018
Date of Publication: 2018
A report of the TUC's activities over the Congress year 2017 - 2018. Prices per copy for this 136-page, A4 size colour publication are; £10 = One copy £9 = 2-10 copies £8.50 = 11-50 £8 over 50 copies Please order a single copy using the drop down menu below, for multiple copies use this link to download the order form or call, 0207 467 1294
Final Agenda 2018
Date of Publication: 2018
Motions and amendments for our 150th Congress 2018. Prices per copy for this 72-page, A4 size publication are; £3 = Single copy £2.75 = 2-10 copies £2.50 = 11-50 copies £2 over 50 copies. Please order a single copy using the drop down menu below, to order multiple copies, please email here , or call 0207 467 1294.
Your Health at Work: an indispensable guide to physical and mental wellbeing
Date of Publication: 2018
This book completely updates the TUC's publication, Keeping Well at Work from the early 2000's. It covers the most common physical and mental health risks at work and how you can tackle them. Ideal for reps and officers advising members and negotiating with employers. This 240-page soft back handbook is a valuable reference book, and a must-have for all trade unionists. You can purchase this brand new publication for £12.99, which is £2 cheaper than the bookshops. Unions who would like their own logo placed on the cover, can have this done for no extra charge. Minimum order is 50...
TUC 150th Anniversary Stamps
Date of Publication: 2018
In June 2018 the TUC celebrates its 150th Anniversary and to mark the occasion, Royal Mail have produced a Special Commemorative sheet. These beautiful sheets are in full colour and contain information about the history of the TUC, they are very collectable, and commemorative only. Please note you can only order these stamps from the Royal Mail Shop; You can buy these sheets from the Royal Mail shop the link is here.
TUC Report of Congress 2017
Date of Publication: 2018
Date of Publication: 2018 The full text of the Congress resolutions, General Council statements, keynote speeches together with statistical information on the unions and their delegates from the 149th TUC Congress which took place in Brighton in 2017. You can also read online the full verbatim report of the debates. Please note Reports of previous Congresses are available on request, please contact TUC Publication or call 0207 467 1294.
Protection from Sexual Harassment - Revised 2018
Date of Publication: 2017
It does not matter how long you have worked for your employer or whether you are an apprentice, a trainee or agency worker, you are protected from sexual harassment in the workplace by the Equality Act 2010. This booklet describes the offence, it's impact and the rights you have to fight back if it happens. Single copies are free of charge. Bulk orders are charged as follows: 2-100 copies - 50p each, 101-500 - 40p each, over 500 - 30p each. Please call or email for larger quantity prices. 0207 467 1294
Heartunions Leaflet 2018
Date of Publication: 2018
heartunions Celebrating Your Voice At Work , leaflet. In A5 colour Red, available specially for heartunions week which runs from 12 - 18 February 2018. There is also the McDonald's strike campaign leaflet available. These are also available to download and print at home or at the office. See link below.
Odd Thoughts
Date of Publication: 2002
The fourth book of verse from former TGWU general secretary, Ron Todd. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Jimmy Knapp Cancer Fund charity.



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