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On this United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the TUC sends our solidarity to our Palestinian sisters and brothers - especially to Palestinian civilians in Gaza who have been forced to leave their homes and are being indiscriminately targeted by Israel’s military operations.

We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. 

It is unacceptable that thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children, have been killed in Gaza, and we send our condolences to all those who have lost loved ones.  

We recognise that many more are suffering due to the siege that cut off food, water, fuel and medical supplies.  

We support a lasting ceasefire, and call for respect for international humanitarian law including the protection of civilians, and for unrestricted access to humanitarian aid and healthcare. 

The TUC has unequivocally condemned the brutal attacks and murder of Israeli civilians by Hamas. We call for the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages unharmed. Neither the killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas nor the collective punishment of the people of Gaza by the Israeli government will do anything to end the occupation or bring about peace. 

The TUC continues to call for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory and the blockade of Gaza, and for respect for all Palestinian rights, including the right to return and the right to self-determination. We support genuine efforts towards a just, comprehensive and lasting peace that is consistent with international law, including ending settlement expansion, and is based on a two-state solution, which promotes equality, democracy and respect for human and labour rights. 

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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