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New TUC analysis shows workers in Northampton are set to be £1,150 a year worse off in 2022 – after inflation – than last year
  • New TUC analysis shows workers in Northampton are set to be £1,150 a year worse off in 2022 – after inflation – than last year 
  • Years of weak wage growth has left families “badly exposed” to cost-of-living crisis, says TUC  
  • Analysis published as the TUC brings together union leaders and workers at a rally in Northampton ahead of parliamentary lobby on 2 November 
  • Union leaders and local workers will call on ministers to get pay rising by introducing a £15 minimum wage as soon as possible and giving a real pay rise to all public sector workers 

Pay packets in Northampton are set to be worth more than £1,150 a year less this year – in real terms, that is once inflation has been taken into consideration – than in 2021, according to new TUC analysis. 

The analysis of official data shows that average real wages will fall by around £1,150 compared to last year.  

The stark findings are published as the TUC brings together union leaders and workers at Sixfields stadium on Thursday ahead of the union body’s National Day of Action to demand better for working people – and a parliamentary lobby on 2 November.  

The analysis shows the median salary in North Northamptonshire in 2021 was £26,083, while in West Northamptonshire it was £26,662. TUC analysis, based on Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts, shows the value of wages in both local authorities in Northampton will fall by at least £1,150 as soaring inflation outstrips the increase in wages.  

The TUC says years of stagnating pay have left workers “badly exposed” to Britain’s cost of living crisis. 

 The union body says the government must take urgent action to raise wages and protect families from spiralling household costs.  

Urgent action 

The TUC says ministers must do far more to give families long-term financial security.  

The TUC says ministers must: 

Raise wages and improve workers’ rights by: 

Introducing a £15 minimum wage as soon as possible 

Giving all public sector workers a real pay rise 

Banning zero-hours contracts and fire and rehire 

Bringing forward inflation-proof raises to universal credit and pensions to October 

Introducing new bargaining rights for whole industries and protecting the right to strike 

Raising women’s incomes and stopping workplace racism 

Reduce household costs by: 

Cutting energy bills, nationalising energy retail and setting up a new public energy champion 

Rolling out a rapid programme of home insulation 

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:  

“Nobody who works for a living should be losing sleep over how they will pay their bills this winter. 

“But soaring costs mean pay packets in Northampton have taken a rapid fall – in real terms – in just 12 months.  

“Everything is going up but wages. Years of pay stagnation have left workers badly exposed to Britain’s cost of living crisis.  

 “The prime minister and chancellor may have u-turned on their decision to hand out tax cuts to millionaires, but they're still letting bankers' bonuses rip and cutting taxes for big business, while ignoring the crisis facing families. 

“Things can’t go on like this. The government must do far more to get pay rising, and to protect workers from skyrocketing bills. 

“We’re coming together in an autumn of action to demand better for all workers.”  

 TUC Midlands Regional Secretary Lee Barron added:  

“Families are under intolerable financial pressure with costs spiralling out of control. 

“Northampton is a great place with great people, but workers here are facing the biggest fall in living standards in generations. 

“We’re bringing unions, local workers, and community activists together to say all workers deserve better. The government must do more to help working people have a decent standard of living – starting with getting wages rising. 

“Now is the time for workers to come together.” 


Notes to editors: 


- Annual pay figures for 2021 taken from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. Estimate for real wage growth in 2022 is based on TUC analysis, using nominal wage forecasts by the Office for Budget Responsibility and inflation forecasts published by the Treasury. Real wages are calculated using CPI, 2021=100. 

-Northampton does not have a single local authority, and analysis is therefore based on West and North Northamptonshire. In these two local authorities, wages are forecast to fall by £1,175 and £1,150 respectively. 

 The meeting at Sixfields stadium on 13th October will start at 6pm.  

- We Demand Better – National Day of Action: The TUC is organising a national day of action for working people and their supporters to demand a real pay rise for every worker. 

The National Day of Action on 14 October will see volunteers and activists hand out leaflets to people on their way to work and school, at train stations across the country. 

By leafleting in our communities, we can spread the message that only working people can deliver change and pressure the government to listen — and act. 

TUC lobby of Parliament: On 2 November, we want every MP to hear from workers from their constituency about the reality of the cost-of-living crisis. 

Join the mass lobby of MPs in London and ask your MP to support a budget that delivers for working people. 

To find out more information about the National Day of Action and lobby of MPs, visit the ‘Autumn of action’ section of the TUC website: 

About the TUC: The Trades Union Congress (TUC) exists to make the working world a better place for everyone. We bring together the 5.5 million working people who make up our 48 member unions. We support unions to grow and thrive, and we stand up for everyone who works for a living. 

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