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The TUC has welcomed today’s (Wednesday) recommendation from the Committee for Climate Change that there should be a national just transition strategy to reach net zero emissions.

The Committee’s report, Policies for the Sixth Carbon Budget and Net Zero, states that a strategy for just transition is required, and says: “Only a transition that is perceived as fair, and where people, places and and communities are well-supported, will succeed. UK Government policy, including on skills and jobs, must join up with local, regional and devolved policy on the just transition. Vulnerable people must be protected from the costs of the transition and benefits should be shared broadly."

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“To reach net zero, we need a shared sense of national purpose. Everyone must understand how they will benefit from a climate-safe economy, clean air, healthy land, restored wildlife and new green industries.

“For working people, a just transition means knowing that job security and quality is guaranteed, with training for the great new jobs in green industries. This must begin quickly, to prevent mass unemployment following the pandemic. By fast-tracking public investment in green infrastructure, the government can create over a million jobs in the next two years.

“The only true just transition plan is one that’s made with workers, rather than done to workers. If workers have a genuine say, there will be stronger community backing, so progress will be both fairer and faster. And we’ll all become proud when our generation delivers a major upgrade to Britain that improves everyone’s quality of life.”

Editors note

- The TUC has published research identifying 1.25 million jobs that can be created in green infrastructure over the next two years. It was commissioned by the TUC, and researched and written by Mika Minio-Paluello and Anna Markova (Transition Economics). Full details are here:

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