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The Labour Party and the TUC are launching a 'Let’s vaccinate Britain' campaign to sign up thousands of volunteers as NHS England needs 50,000 stewards to help roll out the vaccine.

The sooner the vaccine is rolled out, the sooner we can begin to recover. That’s why we are calling on trade unionists to get involved in the vaccine roll out. Every effort made can make a difference.

Our brilliant NHS health professionals are giving the vaccinations. But they need all of us to support them to get everyone vaccinated.

Here's how you can help 

  • Volunteer your time locally. Sign up to NHS volunteer campaigns.
  • Speak to friends, neighbours and relatives about the importance of getting the vaccine.
  • Ask your faith leaders and local community champions to promote vaccination.
  • Start a campaign with your union branch to get your employer to give workers paid time off to get vaccinated.
  • Check on neighbours and friends to ensure they are safe over the coming months.

When you’ve done that, let the world know you are helping the country’s vaccine effort by sharing it on social media

2020 was an incredibly tough year for us all. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit our country harder than almost any other. Britain is facing the worst recession of any major economy and one of the highest death tolls in Europe. Too many good businesses have struggled. Too many people have lost jobs. Too many of our loved ones have been taken too soon.

We will never forget how it was supermarket staff, delivery drivers, telecoms workers, bus drivers, social care workers, health professionals – all our brilliant key workers – that kept the country going.

Ordinary people stepping up in extraordinary times, putting their lives on the line and making enormous sacrifices to keep us all safe, fed and connected.

As we enter yet another period of restrictions it would be easy to lose faith. But we cannot afford that.

Because thanks to the ingenuity and brilliance of British scientists, there is hope in the form of the vaccine. It is now incumbent upon us all to ensure it is rolled out, safely and swiftly.

Whenever this country has faced its toughest challenges, our activists have always stepped up. The time has come again for the millions of trade unionists to rise to the challenge and work together in this national effort.

So today we are asking you to register your details to show that you want to get involved and support the NHS and support each other.

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