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This week, Amazon workers will put in back-breaking hours to deal with the increased volume moving through their warehouses. At the same time, they'll be threatened with docked pay if they take too long of a bathroom break.

With the support of their union GMB, Amazon workers are coming together and building power. Their message is clear: “We are not robots – it’s time to respect workers’ rights.”

So over the coming days, actions have been organised around the country. These workers cannot win without your support, so please have a look and attend if you're able. 

Find all the details here

Amazon is a company that is expanding at an incredible rate. Whilst this growth is making Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world, it is also threatening the rights of workers everywhere.

When we stand together we are powerful. By coming together and taking action we can create a future where every worker receives the respect at work that we all deserve.

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