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The TUC has sent a message of support to union in Argentina holding a general strike against the far-right policies of new President Javier Milei.

The TUC has sent the following message of support to our colleagues in Argentina who are today holding a general strike against the so-called labour reforms and other far-right policies of new President Javier Milei.

The TUC sends its full solidarity to the CGT-RA, CTA-A and CTA-T as you strike in defence of democracy, social justice, public services, equality and workers’ rights. 
President Milei represents a fundamental danger to democracy and trade union values. His commitment to the economic tactics of mass privatisation and austerity – tactics which the troubled state of the British economy can easily discredit – will do untold damage, as will his plans to remove workplace protections, including making it easier – and cheaper – to fire workers and to shorten maternity leave entitlement. 
And his proposals to circumvent democratic accountability through by-passing parliament for two years mark him out as a would-be dictator and a threat to basic freedoms and rights. 
As the world grows ever more unequal, a President (and now a leader of the global far right) who claims that taxation in pursuit of social justice is an act of violence, will hurt people everywhere and not just in Argentina. 
And so we offer our staunch support for your fight against his proposals, in the face of serious threats to protestors, in natural solidarity as trade unionists, and as part of the global struggle against the extremism he represents.

In solidarity.

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