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The TUC welcomes the recent reinstatement of Mr Abdallah Hamdok as Prime Minister of Sudan. However, we note that this positive development is only the first step towards a genuine transition from military government to civilian rule.   

It is clear that the entirety of Sudanese civil society, from trade unions to businesses, are united in opposition to a return to military rule. It is equally clear that sustained international pressure on the military government, which seized power in a coup in October 2021, made a significant contribution to progress.  

The TUC welcomes the diplomatic efforts of the international community to support a speedy transition to civilian government that should now be honoured by the military. We call on our government not to lose sight of the progress that still needs to take place and redouble its efforts to support the democratic transition, including by opening democratic space for all trade unions to operate without discriminating them on the grounds of their political affiliation or alliance. 

On behalf of the British trade union movement, the TUC extends our solidarity and support to all progressive and democratic forces in Sudan who have bravely resisted the imposition of military rule since the fall of the Omar al-Bashar government in 2019. We salute the struggle of those who have been subjected to state violence, harassment and arrest, as well as those who lost their lives in Omdurman and elsewhere. 

The TUC wishes assure the people of Sudan that the British trade union movement is behind them in their struggle for self-government. 

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